Beruang is an MVP (Model View Presenter) web application framework built on GWT and Polymer. The framework integrates strong object-oriented programming of GWT and reusable custom web elements of Polymer.


GWT stands for Google Web Toolkit www.gwtproject.org is development toolkit for complex browser-based application.


Polymer www.polymer-project.org is library for creating reusable custom web elements.

Why Beruang

Dealing with large-scaled and complex web application? All you have to do is breaking-down the complexity into smaller modules and arrange interaction between them in loosely-coupled fashion.

  • Beruang provides systematic approach to detach tight-coupling between modules, as well as data composer and user interface layout.
  • You can implement event firing and detachable event handling for interaction between loosely-coupled modules.
How Far Beruang Travels

Beruang has been deployed in following web application projects:

  • Director (Advanced Human Resource Management System).
  • Online Business Permit Document Processing at DPMPTSP Tanjung Balai Karimun.
  • Passenger Boarding Management System at Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, Batam.
  • Order Flow Information System at PT Yokohama Industrial Products Manufacturing Indonesia, Batam.
Start Your GWT Project

Use Integrated Development Environment suitable for GWT Project. We prever Eclipse as its setup is explained by GWT www.gwtproject.org/usingeclipse.html

Download Beruang Packages
Adjust Your Project

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Datatrans Informatika

We are innovative software development team located at Batam, Indonesia. We have deep attention in web application programming as well as PostgerSQL database server (see our technical work on abdulyadi.wordpress.com).

One of our large-scaled project "Smartcard for Frequent Traveler" has won Gold Award in public sector category in ASEAN ICT AWARDS 2013 aseanictaward.com/index.php/component/content/category/13-aicta-winners.